My Philosophy

My Passion is in Digital Design & Graphic Design. I am focused on Bringing Ideas to Reality. My Skills have allowed me to dive into many professions to understand the essence of various industries. I have worked with Corporations and Individuals in The Automotive Industry, The Beauty Industry, Gaming,  Entertainment, Real Estate & Engineering.

When working on a project the goal is to transform the passion and the dedication of the customer into clean and sophisticated design solutions. Mostly I Freelance, however I have worked with contracts and was hired in multiple companies as Digital Marketer, Head of Advertising, Content Creator & Even Gaming Level Designer. Getting out of my comfort zone allowed me to elevate my current skills as well as reflect and work on some new skills!

Besides being an expert Adventurer, I am also an expert in Web-Design, Advertising, SEO-Optimizations, Typography, Motion Effects, Animation, Video Editing, Special Effects  E-mail Marketing, Text Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Packaging & Book Design, Printing,
3D Object Design/Printing, 3D Animation, 3D Mapping, Interior Design
Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads

Here on this website is my work, my blog & random

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